What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of basically selling online via links to a product.  An affiliate earns a commission for marketing another company’s products. The affiliate simply gather’s affiliate links then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make. The sales are tracked via affiliate links from our website.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

A quick and inexpensive method of making money without the hassle of actually selling a product, affiliate marketing has an irrefutable draw for those looking to increase their income online. The affiliate shares the links via social media, blogs, websites, etc.  The consumer purchases the items and the affiliate collects the commissions.  Our program pays by the sale.

This is the standard affiliate marketing structure. In this program, A Cheep Tee pays the affiliate (you) a percentage of the sale price of the product after the consumer purchases the product as a result of the affiliate’s marketing strategies. In other words, consumer has to purchase through the affiliates link to get credit for the sale.

We send checks at the end of each month for your total commissions for that month.

Why do it? 

  • Work from home with no boss.
  • Make as little or as much as you want.
  • Passive income.  Have a regular job and use affiliate marketing as a side hustle
  • It’s cost effective.  In that, it doesn’t cost you anything!
  • It’s flexible.  Work at 3am if you like.


Tips for becoming a successful marketer

  • Review products for your affiliate
  • Comment on social media for A Cheep Tee’s posts.  “I got mine”  or “This is really cute!”
  • Use hashtags with your posts
  • Use several sources like social media, forums, blogs, even email campaigns.
  • Use graphics with your links.  We provide a large variety of graphics to share with your links.  You can also create your own.




Two years with A Cheep Tee

This week marks two years that I’ve had A Cheep Tee.  Needless to say it has been a challenge for me to understand a business that is a completely different “animal” to what I’m used to.  The first year, my husband helped me get things up and running. He learned how the equipment worked on his own so we could keep my dad’s business alive!  We reached out to friends, watched YouTube videos and burned a LOT of shirts.  My dad, Randy, made it look so easy!  He was always so good at remembering names of his customers and was generally pretty friendly. That’s how he was able to get, and keep, customers for over 25 years!

It wasn’t always that easy for him.  When he first started out with Randy’s 3 in 1 shop on Sheridan in Peoria, he struggled.  Like most people his age, he had a hard time learning the computer.  I knew office things, writing letters, emailing, etc.  and tried to help but he needed to learn how to design shirts and that I didn’t know yet.  I would go visit him and he would sit in front of the computer, frustrated.  He would say, “I’m sitting in front of a million dollars and can’t do anything!”  Later, he found a friend, Heber, who volunteered to come over 3 nights a week and teach him.  Dad was dedicated!  He would learn as much as he could within the few hours Heber was there.  Then, he would put his learning to use practicing the next day.  Soon, he was learning on his own and focused on how he could get designs done quickly. He knew that would be the key to keeping his customers happy.  He got it!

What most people don’t know, is that being an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Something my dad was definitely not afraid to give to his new found business venture. You have to constantly learn new things, manage employees and worry about cash flow.  Just because you own a business, does not mean you are rich.  But the great thing about owning a business, is it does give you freedom to spend time with your family. Even if most of the time they are hanging out at your shop with you.  My daughters and I did that with my dad.  We helped him on our visits by folding shirts, sweeping the floor or just helping him design a shirt for a customer (or ourselves).  Now, my daughters have helped me with the t-shirt shop.  Family support is important to anything in life and I’m so grateful that I have that support.

I love listening to people tell stories about my dad.  It always makes me tear up when someone says he would be proud of what we have done with the store.  I hope that’s true!  It’s a lot of work and money and without my husband and kids, it probably wouldn’t continue to exist.

I hope we can make my dad’s customers as happy as he did and continue to do business here in Peoria, Illinois. Where it all started!

Throwing Next-Level Birthday Parties With Custom T-Shirts

Looking for a way to add something fun and memorable to the next birthday party you throw? Take things to the next level with custom T-shirts!

Custom tees make the occasion seem bigger. Here are just a few of the reasons they make the perfect gift bag addition:

You can go crazy with custom T-shirt designs – choose colors and graphics that are humorous, or mean something special to the birthday boy or girl (whether they are turning five or 50).

Custom tees are great for group outings – you will have an easier time keeping track of your group, and customized T-shirts add a festive feel to the occasion.

You can bring the whole party together – you could even create custom T-shirts for the birthday boy or girl, parents, siblings, and best friends. That makes them conversation-starters and take-home gifts!

Plus, it costs a lot less than you probably think to get custom, high-quality T-shirts for your birthday party. Call us today so we can give you a fast quote!

Could Your Business Sell T-Shirts for Revenue and Branding?

Look in your closet and I’ll bet you’ll find at least a few T-shirts from your favorite vacation destinations. Whether you have visited national parks, famous landmarks, or just bars on a beach, those t-shirts might be treasured mementos of the time you spent relaxing with loved ones.

Whether you’ve ever considered it or not, there’s also a chance customers of your business might be willing to purchase T-shirts with your logo, location, or favorite slogan. That’s particularly true if you get a little bit creative with your design and text.

By selling T-shirts directly from your business, you make a few great things happen:

  • First, you put more money in your cash register through the sales of the T-shirts themselves.
  • Next, you essentially get free advertising for your business everywhere your customers go.
  • And finally, you build a stronger connection with your best customers, subtly reminding them to return to your shop, restaurant, or retail location soon.

That’s a lot of benefits for something that takes little time to design and cost you next to nothing. If you’d like to know more about selling T-shirts in your business, or how we make it easy to get the perfect look and material on every order, contact our team today!

Alternative to GoFundMe

We have been promoting our fundraising options for your organization, your fundraiser, or just you alone.  We have been working hard setting up our system to allow shirt sales so you can make money with each sale and even collect it as you go!  We worked with a Junior Football League, people raising money for medical expenses for a person with cancer, a tavern that raises money for various charities and now a musician who just dropped a new video on YouTube.

If you have a free PayPal account, you can take advantage of this service.  There are no set up fees, minimum requirements, or time limit.  Let’s take a look at some examples:

  1. I saw a GoFundMe for medical expenses for “John Doe”.  First, it’s sad that people in the USA have to resort to raising money for medical or funeral expenses.  Second, let’s look at our shirt idea:   We create a shirt for example: Brain Cancer Sucks – with Team John or even a hashtag #TeamJohn.  We add this shirt to our site and you send the link out on social media, your GoFundMe page or email.  People start buying the shirts in support of John making you $10 for each shirt.  We contact the buyers and collect the money.  Sell 50 shirts and make $500 sent directly to your PayPal account.
  2. You are an artist and create this really cool painting or drawing. Why not let us put it on a shirt.  You share the link with friends and family and we send the shirt directly to them or they pick it up in the store.  It’s a great way to raise money for your art.
  3. A Cheer Squad wants to raise money for new equipment. You could sell candy bars at $1 each keeping 50 cents.  Sell 100 candy bars and you will make $50.  Sell 5 “Got Spirit? Raiders Cheer” shirts and your group will make the same amount.  We will even help design the shirts!

Contact us 309-682-6213 with your ideas or help getting your fundraiser going.



Why Pet Lovers Howl for Custom Shirts

If you’re someone who really loves your pet, you probably like to show them off. Why not put their adorable little faces onto a custom T-shirt? More and more pet owners are doing exactly that. With just one digital photo, you can do some amazing things like…

Share Your Furry Buddy With the World

Put a picture of your pet on a shirt and show the world your heart belongs to a special furry and loyal friend!

Mix and Mingle With Other Pet Owners

Wear your shirt to the park, or another pet lover get-together, to show the other “parents” which creature is yours.

Commemorate Your Departed Best Friend

It’s always painful losing a beloved pet. Treasure them with a remembrance shirt, or get a few and share them with family members.

For more great pet-related custom T-shirt ideas, call our team today!

Another Fundraising Idea

We had fun working on another fundraiser for a softball team.  Breast cancer awareness was in October so they did a fundraiser selling shirts.  We created a design for them and added it to our shopping cart.  They shared the link on Facebook and email and their money started rolling in.

Each shirt sold for $20, $10 for us and $10 for the team.  The money is paid as the sales happen so there is no waiting.  No more collecting money and sizes.  How easy is that!?

We were thinking of who can benefit from this fun service:

  • Teachers
  • Bands
  • Benefits for Medical Expenses
  • School groups
  • Boy and Girl Scout Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Booster Clubs
  • Church Groups
  • Community Groups
  • Someone with a fun shirt idea!

Contact us to get started on your fundraiser.  We can have it set up in just a couple of days!

Fundraising with Ease

The nice thing about having an owner who builds websites is that we get to do whatever we want with our site.  We have a lot of designs on our shopping cart, also sell shirts on Facebook and promote on Instagram.  We have people come in the store who want to sell shirts for a fundraiser.

It’s a great idea.  Sell shirts for more than you pay for them and keep the extra money.  We definitely want to help and make it as easy as possible for your group.  So we’ve taken that a step further.  When you start your fundraiser, we create a link on our site so people can purchase your products.  We split the money and you can either pick up all the shirts once the fundraiser is over, or buyers can pick up their shirts here in the store.

No more collecting money or getting sizes.  It’s all done here.

Read the details here 




How To Do Family Reunion T-Shirts Right

In our Peoria custom t-shirt business, we work with a lot of people planning family reunions. Along the way, we’ve picked up a few helpful tips we can pass on. Here are a few things you can do to get family reunion T-shirts right…

Pick a Fun Design That Commemorates the Event

You can help set the theme for the day by choosing something that’s fun and meaningful to your whole family. If you aren’t sure what to choose, consider running a few design ideas past relatives who are going to be attending.

Color Code by Geography or Generation

Even if all the shirts have the same design, they don’t have to have the same color. In fact, you could have some fun by “color coding” your family by assigning them T-shirts for their generation, and decade of birth, or home state.

Order Extras in Variety of Sizes

As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to order a couple of extra shirts. Not only is it easy to forget about an extended family member, but you may find some relatives have grown or shrunk. Having extras means you can hand them out without embarrassing anyone.

Want to get started on the perfect customized shirts for your family reunion? Call us today so we can begin planning with you!

Could Custom Tees Show Off Your Motorcycle Club’s Softer Side?

Not long ago, we had the chance to create a set of custom T-shirts for a local motorcycle club here in Illinois. Having been steeped in lots of pop culture shows and movies, we expected a rough-and-tumble crew of bikers who might be a little bit rude or scary.

Instead, what we found were a really polite bunch, who genuinely enjoyed riding as a way to let off a bit of steam. In fact, a quick look through the Internet will tell you that lots of motorcycle clubs are less like gangs and more like civic groups. They gather friendly people, raise money for important causes, and have lots of fun in the process.

Naturally, we would like to meet more motorcycle groups who need custom T-shirts. So don’t forget, with the right designs you can:

  • Offer all your friends or members a way to show off their affiliation with your group.
  • Support charities, fundraisers, meet ups, and other events.
  • Help the world see that motorcycle riders are great people, with a really interesting hobby.

Whether your tastes run towards bright colors or grunge designs, we can help you design the perfect T-shirt  for your motorcycle club. Contact us today to learn more!