Event Shirts Your Way!

Event Shirts Your Way!

A Cheep Tee is a company that has changed the way t-shirts are made and sold at events. With their mobile t-shirt shop, they have found a way to not only provide custom shirts on the spot but also raise money for various causes. Let's take a closer look at how A Cheep Tee is making a difference.

Traditional methods of selling t-shirts at events often involve pre-ordering and waiting for the shirts to be printed and delivered. This process can be time-consuming and may not always meet the demands of event attendees. As a result, the event host may get stuck with a lot of shirts that didn’t sell. A Cheep Tee saw an opportunity to streamline this process and provide a more convenient and efficient solution.

Their mobile t-shirt shop is equipped with a press so they can make shirts on the spot. This means that event attendees can choose their design, select their shirt size and color, and have their shirt printed right in front of them. This not only eliminates the need for pre-ordering but also ensures that customers get exactly what they want, without any delays. If you want something more unique, text a photo and they will print that onto a shirt while you wait. A Cheep Tee has printed dog (and cow) photo shirts, photos of cars at car shows and even pictures of friends and family.

But A Cheep Tee doesn't stop there. They have also found a way to use their mobile t-shirt shop to raise money for various causes. By partnering with event organizers and charities, they are able to donate a portion of the proceeds from each shirt sold to a specific cause. This not only helps raise awareness for important issues but also allows event attendees to contribute to a cause they care about, simply by purchasing a t-shirt. 

The impact of A Cheep Tee's mobile t-shirt shop goes beyond just convenience and fundraising. It also creates a unique and memorable experience for event attendees. Watching their shirt being printed right in front of them adds an element of interest and personalization that traditional methods simply cannot match. This not only enhances the overall event experience but also increases the likelihood of attendees purchasing a shirt.

In addition to their mobile t-shirt shop, A Cheep Tee also offers an online platform where customers can order shirts before and after the events. This allows them to reach a wider audience and cater to those who may not be able to attend events in person. The buyer can have the shirts shipped to them or they can pick them up at A Cheep Tee’s storefront in Campustown in Peoria, IL. The online platform also provides an opportunity for customers to support causes and raise money, even if they are unable to physically attend an event.

A Cheep Tee's mobile t-shirt shop is a unique way t-shirts are made and sold at events. Their approach not only provides convenience and personalization but also helps raise money for important causes. Whether you're attending an event or browsing their online platform, A Cheep Tee is making it easier than ever to get a custom shirt and make a difference at the same time.