Could Custom Tees Show Off Your Motorcycle Club’s Softer Side?

Not long ago, we had the chance to create a set of custom T-shirts for a local motorcycle club here in Illinois. Having been steeped in lots of pop culture shows and movies, we expected a rough-and-tumble crew of bikers who might be a little bit rude or scary.

Instead, what we found were a really polite bunch, who genuinely enjoyed riding as a way to let off a bit of steam. In fact, a quick look through the Internet will tell you that lots of motorcycle clubs are less like gangs and more like civic groups. They gather friendly people, raise money for important causes, and have lots of fun in the process.

Naturally, we would like to meet more motorcycle groups who need custom T-shirts. So don’t forget, with the right designs you can:

  • Offer all your friends or members a way to show off their affiliation with your group.
  • Support charities, fundraisers, meet ups, and other events.
  • Help the world see that motorcycle riders are great people, with a really interesting hobby.

Whether your tastes run towards bright colors or grunge designs, we can help you design the perfect T-shirt  for your motorcycle club. Contact us today to learn more!