One Door Closes, Another Opens

Someone somewhere along the way once said, “behind  the success of every small business there is a family.” That’s immediately what my mind jumped to as I restlessly laid in bed searching for answers after my father passed.  I didn’t want his business to abruptly come to an end just because he was no longer physically there to man it.  That’s when I knew I wanted to take over Randy Scronce’s T-shirt shop, A Cheep Tee.

I’m Tammy Finch, owner of Web Services Inc.  I build and design websites, and now T-shirts!  Who would have thought?  This new endeavor seems like it was meant to be.  We already do graphics at Web Services, we have great staff helping us so why not?

The first two weeks were brutal trying to organize and figure out what we were doing.  But A Cheep Tee is finally settling into our new location at Web Services in East Peoria.  It’s fun to hear stories from my dad’s customers who come over from his old location on Laramie in Peoria.  They all respected and supported him and we want to gain that respect and support too.

My husband, Chris is pretty much running things at A Cheep Tee with a few family members coming to our aid when needed.  Kevin, our son-in-law, continues to run Web Tech for us and I’m holding down the fort at Web Services.  We want to make A Cheep Tee a success.  With our family behind us, I’m certain we will get there.