We have answers to a lot of your questions here on this page.  Of course, email us or text us for additional inquiries.


  1.  Can I buy just one shirt?  Yes, you can purchase just one shirt.  We can usually get it done the same day or next day depending on the design.
  2. Can you help me with a design if I have a picture of what I would like? 
    Yes, as long as your image is not copyrighted, such as Disney or a Sports Team.
  3. What if I want a shirt with my favorite sports team?  
    We can work around that by not using a logo and just saying the city and sport, such as Chicago Baseball.
  4. Can you put a picture of my family or my pets on a shirt? 
    Yes, you can have a picture of anyone.  We recommend white shirts for photos since the full colors can stand out.
  5. What is your turn around time? 
    We can usually get one shirt done the same day or the next day.  Larger orders may need a few more days.  Call or text and we can quote you right away.
  6. Can you do high school or grade school shirts?
    Yes, we can use the school logos or make some custom shirts and use your school colors.
  7. If I have an idea for a shirt, can you help me create it?
    Yes, Text Your Ideas to: 815-408-0722 and we will show you what your shirt will look like.
  8. Can I see my shirt before it’s done?  
    We will send you a text of what your shirt will look like. Because of monitor and phone resolutions, the colors may not be exact.

    Sample Colors – Light colored shirts on top, dark colors on the bottom
  9. What are your prices?  Can I save money buying multiple shirts? 
    Yes, you can save money buying multiple shirts but it has to be the same design.  For instance, family reunions, sports teams, companies, with the same design can have the bulk pricing.

This will give you a general idea of t-shirt pricing: 

1-5 Shirts Small-XL / $20.00    1 Side/$25.00 2 sides

Must have Same Design (light colored shirts) 
6-10 Shirts Small-XL / $15.00  1 Side/$18.00 2 Sides
11-30 Shirts Small-XL / $14.00 1 Side/$17.00 2 Sides)
31-99 Shirts Small-XL / $13.00 1 Side/$16.00 2 Sides)

Add $3.00 for 2X/3X / Add $4.00 for 4X/5X/6X

Dark colored shirts are $5 more

Ladies Shirts 

Most people know that ladies size shirts are smaller than unisex shirts. They are more fitted, the sleeves are shorter and they have a slim fit. These are both Gildan shirts. The one on top is a ladies shirt, the darker shirt is a unisex shirt so you can see the difference. Please order your shirts accordingly. Again, there are no refunds on custom printed shirts.