Fundraising Shirts

Are you thinking about raising funds for your group?  We have a great solution for you.  We can set up a shopping cart that you can direct people to who are buying your shirts.  They purchase your shirt, we split the money and you or your buyer can pick up the shirts in the store, usually the next day.  You only need a free PayPal account.

Why use our fundraising cart?  

  • No up front fees.  We set up the cart and you send your buyers.
  • You don’t need inventory.  We have all that here.
  • We take our percentage at the sale.  You don’t get stuck with extra shirts or shirts that no one pays for.
  • Stop collecting money from people who don’t pay you right away.  They pay for their shirts themselves online with PayPal or a credit card.
  • Stop trying to figure out sizes of people.  They can select their own!

Let’s take this example, your church group is having a fundraiser to sell shirt so the kids can go to camp.  Your group contacts us, we create a design for your shirts.  We create a link to a shopping cart that you give to your group.  Each of them can go to the link and purchase shirts for let’s say $20.00.  You get $10.00 and we take $10.00 for the merchandise.  We print the shirt and have it here in the store for your buyer or you to pick up.

The East Peoria Historical Society uses this system to raise money for their organization.  They add to their designs periodically to generate more interest.  Check out their cart here