How to Get Perfect Race Day T-Shirts

Planning a 5k, 10k, or longer road race? Once you’ve chosen a route and promoted the event, your next step is to design and order the perfect t-shirt for your attendees and volunteers.

Having helped dozens of groups with road races and running fundraisers, here are a few tips we can share:

  • Choose a bright, durable fabric. Some runners might finish the course in your shirt, so it’s important that they can be seen by drivers and event staff. Also, they’ll want to show off their participation in the coming months and years, so your shirts need to last.
  • Use the design and logo of your racing shirt to promote the event. Friends and family of the participants might see the shirts and decide to attend next year.
  • Consider using different colors or designs to separate staff and volunteers from the runners themselves. That way, those who need help (or directions) will know where to find it.
  • And finally, be sure to order plenty of race day t-shirts to accommodate last-minute registrations, size changes, and fun giveaways for runners and spectators.

A lot of runners will tell you the best part about finishing any race is the t-shirt you get for participating, so make sure yours is a great one they’ll cherish!