How to Make Field Trips Easier With Custom Tees

Taking a group of students on a field trip or to some kind of special activity? You can make your life a lot easier by spending a few extra dollars on a set of custom T-shirts for the event.

Here’s why school outings and custom tees go hand-in-hand:

  • Brightly-colored T-shirts with special designs make it easy for you to pick out students in the crowd and keep your group together.
  • Likewise, you can use specially colored shirts to designate volunteers, chaperones, and teachers so they’ll be easy to find.
  • You can use T-shirts to show appreciation to sponsors and venues, making it more likely that they’ll continue to donate or pitch in, in the future.
  • After the event, every student gets a special memento from day spent learning something new away from the classroom.

It’s hard to think of anything you can add to a school trip that costs less and does more than a custom T-shirt design. Call us today so we can help you create something special!