Rescue is a Lifestyle t-shirts for The Pet Pack Rescue Initiative




White 100% Polyester (most vibrant)
Heather Orange
Heather Blue
Heather Red
White 50/50 Blend
Light Gray 50/50 Blend

A Portion of the Proceeds to to The Pet Pack Rescue Initiative

Shirt says: Rescue is a lifestyle you live it, breath it, love it, 24/7
They are a resource group for cat and dog fosters from various local rescues and animal controls. PPRI, as we call ourselves, fosters collaboration and cooperation between all stakeholders in animal welfare. Our motto is to support fosters and save lives. 
Find out more about the organization here. 

White Polyester shirts are most vibrant. Colors shown may not be exact. Only the shirt is included.

Atten: All PPRI apparel will have their logo on the sleeve unless you request to remove it.



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